Ponte reale: uncontaminated nature

The Ponte Reale Farm is located in an ancient Bourbon hunting ground, well known as one of the most gorgeous and uncontaminated locations in the whole of the “Kingdom of the Two Sicilies”. It was here, at the border between the Campania and Molise regions, that King Ferdinand IV, who suffered very poor health conditions, would come to restore his strength and vigor by riding horses and hunting. A famous painting by J.P. Hackert portrays a hunting scene set precisely on the bridge which today marks the western border of the Farm’s lands (see Home). These extraordinary lands are now part of the Matese Regional Park and of the WWF “le Mortine” oasis, and extend up to the valley of the higher Volturno, which acts as a buffer between the National Park of Abruzzo and the Matese Regional Park.

Our history

The concept behind the creation of the Ponte Reale Farm, founded in 1993, began its evolution in the classrooms of the prestigious agricultural sciences university of Portici, where the founders Enrico Rega and Roberto Spina – who were both students at the time – started planning a total renewal of the dairy farm production and management methodologies.

The Ponte Reale Farm is now an innovative reality in its sector, capable of marrying ancient traditions and cutting edge concepts such as sustainability and corporate responsibility. In other words, the profound love for raising livestock and managing dairy farms which we inherited from Pasquale Rega, the grandfather of the current founder, who was well-known for his products as early as in 1890, has been updated with innovative management practices. The goal set by the founders was to create a company capable of placing a superior quality product on the market, while also incentivizing respect towards the environment, animals and above all towards people.

This is why we were the first company – and as yet the only one – to believe in the production of DOP ORGANIC buffalo milk mozzarella, the product which has become, over time, the true pride of the farm. The farm was inaugurated on May 12th 1999. Today, it maintains its family-business structure and its products are present – beside Italy – in all Western European and North American countries, as well as in Japan.

The company

The Farm extends over a surface of circa 1000 hectares. The production features, officially set as forage-zootechnical scopes, are practiced with certified organic methods, the food for the livestock comes from 100% Organic Agriculture – not 95%, as regulations would currently allow. We currently raise more than 1500 buffalos, whose milk is mostly used to produce DOP Buffalo milk Mozzarella from Campania and Organic Agriculture Mozzarella from Campania. The company is a member and fervent supporter of the consortium to protect the DOP Buffalo milk Mozzarella, and is also a didactic farm, given that we promote organized visits to the farm structures, for the purpose of showcasing the quality of the farming processes leading to the creation of a product as extraordinary as our DOP Buffalo milk Mozzarella.


Quality, services, health, progress: these are the foundations of our company’s vision. Our system of values translates into an essential ethical code, including norms and principles which guide our growth and the affirmation of all individuals employed in our company.


The management of human resources is the key for the development of our Company. The principle which inspires our activity is the ethics of responsibility. This is why we invest to constantly update and train our resources, and we strongly believe in regular communication with them.


Our production processes are characterized by meticulous craftsmanship. Rigorously hand-spun cheese, the use of natural inoculums, the absolute freshness and quality of our buffalo milk: these are only a few of the elements which make our product a rare excellence.


Our fram is based in an uncontaminated territory where time appears to stand still and nature expresses its full magnificence.
The Volturno river flanks our lands, in a valley which acts as a buffer between the National Park of Abruzzo and the Matese Regional Park.


Our animals are bred in full compliance with EC regulations for animal health. In fact, the spaces our farm has assigned to grazing and our stables tend to reproduce, as much as possible, the animals’ natural physiological and ethological conditions. Our attention during every stage of the animal’s life and the quality of their organic diet are fundamental elements for guaranteeing the general well-being of the buffalos. Our buffalos are incredibly healthy animals, who can enjoy a relationship of trust with man.

The Mozzarella

Buffalo milk Mozzarella from Campania is a naturally fresh product, rich in terms of live lactic cultures which make it particularly digestible. Indeed, its features allow it to act as a valid aid for the intestinal functions of our organism. While maintaining its taste intact, mozzarella is nutrient without having fattening effects: it is nutrient because it contains readily digestible proteins and fats; it does not have fattening effects because its calorie contents are low, due to the low presence of dry substance. Thus, with its 270 calories per hectogram, mozzarella is lighter than Grana (320 cal./100gr), Fontina (370 cal./100gr) and allows you to eat lightly, without losing any of its taste. Furthermore, its calcium supply makes it an advisable product for the diets of the elderly and children. Its indisputable qualities come from the particular characteristics of the buffalo, an incredibly strong and healthy animal, used to grazing in full freedom and in the open air, where nature is uncontaminated and it can enjoy a mild climate and the warm Mediterranean sun. Our mozzarella is hand-spun and visually checked during the entire firming process, in order to maximize the taste and quality of the product.